Emma is now available for crystal healing and tarot readings at www.thespiritofavalon.co.uk 

Since a very young age I have always been drawn to holistic health, from practising yoga and learning the benefits of meditation and essential oils with my Mum to developing my spiritual side with Reiki.

My spirituality is nature based and the energy that we draw from the elements around us has provided me with wonderful support.

Our journey through life is often tough and mine has not been without its challenges.  The important thing is how we deal with these and move forwards.  Taking time to understand your needs, I will help to guide you in your own journey back to well being, through self-knowledge, inner peace and self-awareness.

I discovered crystal therapy at one of these difficult junctions in my life.  I instantly found a connection with the crystals and they have always provided me with wonderful energy.  This led me to do my 2 year diploma in crystal healing which I completed in 2004.  

Reiki energy really compliments the crystals as the crystals amplify the Reiki energy. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher so if you are interested in doing your Reiki I, II or Master please contact me.

When you come for your first holistic treatment you may wonder what to expect, but please let me reassure you that I will make you feel completely at ease, answering any questions you may have and explaining the treatment to you, and your relaxation will start as soon as you enter my therapy room.

Please call me on 01487 740896 or email me at emma@thespiritofavalon.co.uk to book your appointment.  

Feel happy in the knowledge that you are now doing something really positive for yourself.