Emma is now available for crystal healing and tarot readings at www.thespiritofavalon.co.uk 

'Very powerful healing'

-Gill, Willingham

'With a busy job and young family, I was finding it hard to relax and turn off at night and because of this, finding it hard to sleep.  I went to Emma for some guided meditation sessions and she really helped me to visualise a place of relaxation.  Although I have moved away from Cambridgeshire now, I still use her advice in times of stress. Emma really helped me.'

-Meditation, Emma Pattison

'Thanks so much for your help.  I feel very calm which is lovely and have already had signs from my angels.  You have a very special healing power.'

-Crystal therapy, Helen B

'Thanks for a fantastic Guided Meditation session.  I feel so much more relaxed and focused now and comfortable with practising at home.  I think this is going to make a positive impact in my life.'

- Guided Meditation, Emma P


'U have magical powers! And with the help of your Life Coaching sessions I have turned my life around forever, I look at the world in a far more positive aray of beauty.  Your introduction of crystals have really helped me to be grounded and I look forward to seeing you in the future for some pampering treatments. Thank you x

- Life coaching & crystal therapy, Mel


'Just had a tarot reading with Emma and have already recommended her to everyone I've seen since. Emma's reading was very insightful and accurate for my situation right now.

It's great to have some guidance and know I'm on the right track, its also given me lots to think about and look forward to in the future! Thanks Emma! x

- Tarot reading, Natasha M

'I have now had four sessions of crystal therapy with Emma and every session has been fantastic.

Initially, I left my session feeling very calm and stronger to deal with my situation currently, as the sessions have continued I leave feeling amazing, relaxed and chilled to take on everything that's going on in my life right now. Whatever you're going through I suggest you try it, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you Emma! x'
- Crystal therapy, Natasha M


'The crystal therapy is great, I feel so much calmer and cannot recommend it highly enough.  I can't wait for my next session.

Thank you so much.'

- Crystal therapy, Tiffany M


'Hi Emma, I found the guided meditation so helpful at a time when I just needed it too!

I'm looking forward to trying some other therapies and my daughter is now keen to try things out too!

I'm also enjoying your thoughts of the day !

Many thanks'

- Guided Meditation, Debbie B


'So far, after 4 sessions of Life Coaching, I have set some serious, life changing goals; improved home life; stepped out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions and made many choices as to the direction my life is heading.  And you say there is more to come.  Wow!

You have given me some great ideas and direction, some of which I was able to put into practice straight away and got some immediate results.

Thanks Emma.  Throughout all of these sessions I have felt totally at ease and comfortable;  No judgments, no boundaries just open discussion that was 2 way.'

- Life Coaching, Edward P


 'I came to Emma a number of months ago to experience crystal healing having struggled with depression for a number of years.

My first session was very moving and I felt a sense of relief afterwards, infact I felt like the old me!

It is a safe relaxing environment and I enjoy it so much that I have become a regular and can't wait for my next appointment.

Thank you very much Emma for helping me find me again and lifting the weight off my shoulders.'

- Crystal Therapy, Emma L


'Goodness knows what you did yesterday as i had my eyes shut throughout the whole session but I feel human again!

You are magic and I love fairies so i felt right at home when I saw your garden sign!!'

- Crystal Therapy, Melanie L
'After the first crystal healing session I had with Emma I was surprised at how much it improved my mood and the way I felt about myself. 

Since then, I have had another session, and again I feel amazing.

I can't wait for the next!'

- Crystal Therapy, Danielle C


'After seeing Emma for a tarot reading I am feeling more positive about the future. Emma made me feel completely at ease and helped me make sense of some difficult issues. I have since been back for crystal therapy which was wonderfully relaxing and energising. I am looking forward to our next session.'

-Tarot reading & Crystal therapy, Trisha M

'A huge thank you to Emma, for a very accurate and personal tarot reading, which revealed and confirmed inner thoughts and feelings, as well as providing guidance of what I need to do to achieve personal growth and strength.
I feel a weight has been lifted and I now know I can step into the future with a better understanding - Brilliant!
I have already made my next appointment and will definitely be recommending Emma to everyone I know.
Thanks again Emma.'
-Tarot reading, Shaney S
'This was all new to me having been brought up with physio & massage that had to be painful to do any good.
The peace and tranquility that comes over me during a session of Reiki, and being surrounded with crystals, is quite incredible.
Usually, I can never relax and my mind is on the go all the time, however, after a session with Emma I can relax beautifully, and the world looks like a nicer place.
If everyone had a regular session with Emma then the world would be a much better place.
I'm just so pleased that Emma has decided to set up this new practice and extend her client list, I just hope that she doesn't get too busy to keep me sorted. XXXXX'
-Crystal Therapy & Reiki Healing, Dave C


'I had the Indian Head Massage and found it thoroughly enjoyable.  I will definitely be booking more treatments.'

- Louise S 


'FANTASTIC, really enjoyed my experience. Emma was very welcoming and made me feel completely at ease. The reading was spot on with regard to the present, which to be honest I have been struggling with. It has given me a new direction and motivation which I feel that I had been lacking. It was a totally up lifting experience which in turn has lifted my self confidence and well being.

Thank you Emma.'

- Tarot Reading, Kelly W


'I suffer with problematic ears and wanted to see if this would help.  I was thrilled with the result and my ears feel clearer than they have in months, better than any treatment from the doctor.  Emma gave me a lovely, relaxing treatment and I really enjoyed my time with her.'

-Hopi Ear Candling, Sam B


'I have been going through a tough time recently and wanted to get some guidance and reassurance from a reading.  Emma has a lovely, gently manner and makes you feel really at ease.  I got a lot from my reading and found a lot of comfort from Emma's words.  I was surprised at how spot on Emma was and found her intuition amazing.'

-Tarot Reading, Sam B


'I had my first Indian head massage yesterday by Emma and it was very relaxing,i feel refreshed and energised.

Thank You Emma xx'

- Lisa R

'I am now sleeping really well at night and feel much fresher and awake during the day'
- Indian Head Massage

'After my first session of crystal therapy I felt the benefits after and felt more awake and alert, I'm looking forward to seeing further benefits after my second session.'

- Crystal therapy, Debbie W
'Emma made a lot of sense and helped me out in a very big way and put me in a very bright mood.'
- Tarot reading
'I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from me.'
-Crystal therapy, Debbie W
'Emma's reading answered my question in detail and overall the reading corresponded accurately to my life at the moment'
- Tarot reading, Bedford
'Very good reading, all aspects of my life covered were spot on.  I feel much happier about my future now.'
- Tarot reading